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Tramli shows you the departure times at your next public transport stop in real time. Never miss your tram, bus or train again, because with Tramli you can choose from all stops on the Swiss public transport network.

Perfect for your apartment

Tramli is more than just a technical device - it is a statement for timeless design and useful functionality. With its urban charm, it not only enriches your living space, but also makes your everyday life easier.

Always up to date

Tramli is supplied with power via USB-C and data via WiFi. This means you always have the latest departure times and the latest software updates.

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Does Tramli work for my stop?

Yes, Tramli is extremely versatile and can be adapted to almost any stop on the Swiss public transport network.

You can also display several stops at the same time and only selective offers from each stop.

Whether it's a busy urban or rural stop, Tramli can be configured to show departure times. So you'll never miss your tram, bus or train again, regardless of your location in Switzerland.

All stops that are included in the GTFS feed from opentransportdata (SBB) are available.

How big is Tramli?

Tramli was designed to be compact and space-saving.

The exact dimensions are 97 x 53 x 12 mm, with a screen diagonal of 79 mm.

Despite its slim design, Tramli offers all the information you need and weighs only 65 grams. This compact size allows you to easily place Tramli in your home without taking up much space

How is Tramli connected to electricity?

Tramli is powered via a USB-C port. A 180 degree male cable is included that can be used for easy connection to standard USB power adapters, laptops or computers. Please note that the power supply is not included.

We strongly recommend using a safe and certified USB power adapter.

Does Tramli work with my WiFi network?

Yes, Tramli is compatible with most WiFi networks, including encrypted WPA2 networks. To ensure the best performance from Tramli, we recommend that it be located close to the WiFi hotspot to ensure optimal reception.

802.1x Enterprise networks are not currently supported

Where did Tramli get the data from?

Tramli uses its own backend service to obtain data. The real-time departure data displayed in Tramli originally comes from Opentransportdata, a reliable source of public transport data in Switzerland. This data is used by Tramli to ensure that you are always informed about the current departure times of trams, buses and trains.

How do I configure Tramli?

Each Tramli has a unique serial number. Configuring Tramli is very simple. You can access a website where you can configure the settings using your Tramli device's unique serial number. There you can individually configure all the desired settings and adapt Tramli to your personal preferences.