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Tramli brings public transport information directly to your home. With the USB-powered device that mimics the look of a departure display, you can always see when the next tram, bus or train is leaving at the next stop. Don't miss out again, from the comfort of your own home!


Technical details
- USB-C port (power supply)
- WiFi 2.4 GHz (data connection)
- Device needs a stable WiFi connection
- PMOLED screen
- Power consumption approx. 0.6W

- 96.5 x 52.5 x 11.3mm
- 79 mm screen diagonal
- Weight 65g

- Anodized aluminum front
- Plastic back

scope of delivery
- Tramli device
- 1.5m USB-C cable
- Stand holder (stickable)

- CE compliant
- RohS compliant


The device needs an active WiFi connection to function.

Tramli has no buttons or other input options. Once you receive Tramli, you can set up Tramli in 5 simple steps:

1. Connect the tram to the electricity
2. Join the “TRAMLI” WiFi network with your smartphone
3. Enter the desired home network and password on the configuration page
4. Tramli restarts and displays the QR code for the configuration application
5. Specify the desired station in the Tramli configuration application

Data services

Schedule data
- Current timetable data according to GTFS
- Real-time live data according to GTFS
- All public transport stations in Switzerland, if available in GTFS, can be selected
- Availability of the timetable data service is not guaranteed

Other data services
- Automatic software updates via WiFi
- Individual configuration application to adjust Tramli settings
- Availability of other data services is not guaranteed

Purchase processing and shipping

Tramli is only sent within Switzerland. All orders are processed with Swiss Post.

Orders are usually processed within 48 hours if stock is available.

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